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On our Campus:


A time for all mothers with children from birth thru grade school. This 2-hour meeting offers childcare, and includes 45 minutes with a guest speaker and 30 minutes of small group sharing along with other fun for moms. Meets every other Tues. from 9-11am Sept.-April.


Want to learn Biblical ways of handling life’s sticky situations? CTR has seminars and workshops just for you! Check out these new classes:

  • Parenting is Heart Work
  • Parenting with Love & Logic

Please  visit our CTR Classes page for a full list of  upcoming opportunities.

Marriage Care Dessert & Discussion Series

A parent’s wisdom exchange held in the late autumn at CTR.

A panel of “seasoned” parents representing a variety of parenting stages and family dynamics, including step families, will take questions from you and your spouse concerning parenting issues and concerns! Bring your questions and register online via the link above.


Heritage Builders exists to help educate, train and equip families to become intentional about passing on a Godly Heritage to their children. Their most popular resource is a series of books to help families begin the tradition of “Family Nights” which are a fun way to teach spiritual truths to children 12 and under.

Focus On The Family is a great resource for Christian families. Check out thier books, free newsletters, magazines, phone counselors and more. The parenting tab includes an online parenting assessment tool. Licensed counselors are online every Friday afternoon in the Parenting Forum to answer your questions from 1:30 – 5:30 p.m. offers a free “e-devotional” for teens and parents to do as a family.

Homeword is where parents get real answers to their tough questions.

Plugged-In brings you the Christian perspective on the movies, TV shows, video games and music your kids want to watch, play and hear.

Christianity Today introduces “Momsense,” a cyber destination devoted to the business of being a mom. Includes “Expert Advise,” “Mom to Mom,” “Issues & Culture,” “Family Faith,” “Kids & Culture,” “Family Devotionals,” “Ages & Stages,” “Parent to Parent” and more!

Family Life is the ministry website of Denis Rainey, creator of popular “Weekend to Remember” conferences for couples. Find hundreds of articles and topics related to family, marriage, parenting and faith.

Troubled with offers help for tough challenges in parenting, marriage or other relationships, and a great place to refer non-Christian freinds who are struggling with these challenges.

Focus on Your Child gives you access to a growing library of valuable tools for parents!

Love and Logic (soon to be a class at CTR), offers free printable parenting tips that will familiarize you with the concepts of this parenting method. Their kits for “Early childhood” and “Teens” provide a good start for parents who want to learn more.

Radio Stations:

Christian Family Radio (WEMI-91.9), offers programs fromFocus on the Family, Family Life today, more.

Q-90 is a positive music choice for teens who want to rock on with great Christian artists, concerts and family friendly events in the Fox Valley area.

Want more?

Click here to send feedback, request resources or share sites and tips you’ve found to be helpful!


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