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Mainstream Artist of the Month

April 20, 2010


Background: Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden formed this Grammy-nominated band almost 10 years ago.Their 2007 debut was a critical smash. Despite their small output, the band was on many best-of-the-decade lists. Their sound is described as “shape-shifting psychedelic pop.”

Albums: Congratulations (2010), Oracular Spectacular (2007)

What Parents Should Know: Like many bands in this genre (The Flaming Lips, for example), MGMT’s lyrics are often completely obscure. Songs that are decipherable glorify free love and push back against authority.

What MGMT Says: “We realized that when we smoked pot, we’re more relaxed and get into the music a little more and [are] just kind of laid back, so we started smoking pot before we play.… We’re also inspired by fans who bring us free drugs.”

Discussion Questions: Why do many people have such an easygoing attitude toward marijuana? What are some reasons people give for legalizing pot? Should it be legal? Why or why not? Read 2 Peter 2:19. How does this verse apply to drugs? How might taking drugs affect our relationship with God? with other people?

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